Soy Wax Candle
The lovely 300ml Grand Cambridge Glass Jars are a beautiful top quality seamless glass jar. The clarity of these jars gives your candle the best chance to shine and show off their beauty.
Combining this with a mesmerising & stunning sustainable bamboo lid, burning your candle makes for a truly relaxing ambiance.

* Approx 40hr Burn Time *

Reed Diffuser
This gorgeous 200ml round diffuser glass is made from high quality moulded glass with exceptional clarity.
These beauty's are perfect to freshen up any room with their long lasting scent and make for a lovely gift.

* Approx 12mths Fragrance Throw *

Soy Wax Melt
These 90ml Soy Wax Melts are fantastic to use in your oil burners & electric warmers / melters instead of the traditional oil & water mix. The wax then melts when heated to release the beautiful fragrance held within the soy wax. Using soy wax melts instead of oil mean the fragrance lasts longer, allowing you to re-use the melt more than once.

* Approx 20hrs Burn Time Each Melt *

Hanging Diffuser
These cute little Hanging Diffusers are the perfect addition for your car, wardrobe, or anywhere you can hang it from. They will give any small space a lovely fragrance boost.

* Approx 3mths Fragrance Throw *

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