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Party Plan

Our Party Plan work on the same basic of most party plans. The only difference is that our beautiful products are affordable.! How many times have you been invited to a party and the cheapest item you can buy still costs you $50...? I know I can personally say way to many..! But with our products being at a more affordable price, you are able to take home a whole bag of items for your $50, even $20 will still get you a handful..!

When you host a party you will receive a

$10 gift voucher..!


There are 2 ways to host a party and get yourself some freebies;

1) There is the classic way of having an In-Home Party when your friends over to your home.

2) Hosting a Catalog Party is another great way if you don't have the time or especially in the current times we are faced with at the moment, and you still get the same great rewards

* Thank you gift for hosting a party *


  A $10 Gift Voucher



* Target Sales Rewards *


The Host will receive 10% of total sales back in a

Gift Voucher once sales reach

$200 and above.


- $200   =   $20 Gift Voucher

- $300   =   $30 Gift Voucher

- $400   =   $40 Gift Voucher

- $500   =   $50 Gift Voucher



* Party’s Booked *


The host will receive a $5 Gift Voucher for each additional booking

once party has been held.


  1 Party Booking = $5 Gift Voucher , 

 2 Party Booking = $10 Gift Voucher  ETC…


Coming Back  Soon..!

Please note

Party Plans can only be held in and around

the Ballarat area in Victoria.

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